Main Menu problem - GMOD -


My friend has just installed Garrys Mod on his PC after just buying CSS and Garrys mod, when he loads into the game he cannot click any of the menu buttons other than “Options and Play Multiplayer” when clicking Multiplayer it won’t find any servers.

His PC is right next to mine bridged through network via my PC as we were doing some things to his PC. He had this issue last night on his connection at home so there isn’t a conneciton issue as Single Player button won’t work either.

It also when he goes to press Tutorials it says “Page cannot be found”.


Hey! :slight_smile: I got the exactly same problem :wink: Please tell me if you find out how to fix it :slight_smile:

This seems to have ocurred as a result of the last update, as a lot of people are reporting it.

I’d probably just wait for a fix from Garry.