Main Servers and why it was better!

Well before they added this “Buy a Rust Server for $20-$40 a Month stuff” It had a much more basic “Survival” Feeling. Since about 5,000 Keys have been sold and only an approximate of 300-400 people play on at a time, it’s clear that its the loss of players from servers, people feel they can switch from server to server because they die, and they don’t want to have to go back, find a gun, and kill the enemy. (Some of the time) OR There are a lack of players on almost every server, so they get bored with surviving with their normal amount before all the Server Hostings. The Private servers killed it too! Because they people are able to own a Private server, they will experiment and practice shit on their or just fucking around while everybody is an admin, they don’t get to the real point of the Game and it just feels weird. There are more reasons of why Main Server are better than the whole “Money Making System”

We already have 3 threads saying the same thing