Main things to know when in RP?

Hello, I was wondering what the main things you need to know when on a DarkRp server?

such as owning weapons and different jobs, im clueless about such things

to know what a mingebag is.

that and become a gun dealer for weapons

antother dumb question “how do you change job”

F4 on most servers.

In the F4 menu, there should be a tab for job choices. Also, you can use the “/job” chat command (followed with what job you want to be to give yourself a specific title.

If you have picked one of the pre-set jobs, then it is fairly obvious what your goal is (note: Do not confuse Mod Boss for " L0l alL gangs kill c0pz", you are the leader of organized crime, not mass murder). If you used /job, then you just act how the job you picked should. Weapons are not needed, though I reccomend keeping a handgun just in case some tit assualts you.

ok thanks for you help, im getting into rp now =)

Another RP Noob here…

Anyone have a link to a full guide on how to not get kicked every 2 mins from any RP server…


Once your not acting stupidly, which I hope you aren’t, you shouldn’t be kicked every ‘2 mins’ from any RP server. If it looks like a decent server, learn the rules, and abide by them. Be respectful but have fun. Unless you have some sort of PC error, in which case I direct you to here :