(Mainly for Fort'age) Walls & Stuff!

I know that making a fort would be as easy as spawning a container and stacking it all over like hell, but there are those of us who want to make a decent fort/base/thing.

Not all of us can model, and yet you people can create a square, texture it, and release it and it gets some downloads (because of it’s randomness, being a square).

There was this one pack that actually still works.

Luishi5000 Model Pack

I can see that his/[del]her[/del] concept was probably to create houses or things that needed giant unneeded walls, but his/[del]her[/del] wall textures didn’t match, making it look shabby.

Could we get some Walls/Fences/Other-related stuff made?

No, I do not want to build some laggy piece of shit out of Phoenix plates and crappy Luishi5000 badlylineduptexturedunneedinglyhigh walls.

Also, some little extras to go with it! (Doors, Door objects like an entry way or things like that, maybe even some stuff being vehicle-related)

Reference stuff:


Awesome idea, I’d love a fortress wall for medeival wars.

If someone actually finds a way to have good sword animations and a nice player model.

I think Jaanus made some walls like that and put them in that huge pack he released…

I could be wrong.

Those are just some old’e castle walls.

I’m also wanting Fences, brick, stone, concrete, etc walls.

Team walls as well, so we can build some fort walls and stuff.