Maintaining high level weapons idea/suggestion

I keep seeing threads where people speak of maintenance for higher level weapons…

What if we put in a system where the guns have to be cleaned and oiled to keep up with the maintenance like a real weapon. After lets say 100 rds the gun needs to be cleaned with a “cleaning kit” and then oiled with “gun oil” which can be made from animal fat or some other resource that takes a higher level of crafting to create. It could use a system where the oil is extracted from leather or something else since leather is not an item used often (at least for myself and others I know).

I agree, the more high tech the weapon the more it has to be maintained, Armalites are notoriously unreliable when dirty, this should be a factor.

No. Possibly one of the most stupid ideas I have heard, you are literally just bitching about better weapons due to the fact you get killed by them a lot?

Are you a person that has full kev and an M4, oh wait never mind anyone that has played for more that 4 hours has (even less sometimes), but on a serious note, the more I try to love this game (which I do btw) the more it seems to push me away, I mean if you are a lone wolf like me you find it very hard to get on you feet, because every 20 minutes you are getting killed by someone who spawned a few hours before you and got a shiny new M4 and a full set of kev, which is utter bull, getting OP things NEEDS to be harder. Yes I get its an alpha, speed things up to see if it works, yada, yada, yada, but it needs to be a little harder to get the most OP items in the game and go a round killing new spawns because you’re bored. If you had to put more work into getting and maintaining your best items the game would be a hell of a lot more fun.

Why are you even posting? Nothing in this game is right.
It’s in alpha so the devs can get feedback and bugs. If they didn’t want feed back then these fourms would be replaced with a and a FAQ.
Why not have an actual discussion about the game mechanics and try to look at it from the eyes of a fresh spawn, lone wolf, bandit, hero, militia leader, or small squad member.
There is more than one way to play the game, and I can guarantee your way is not he right way. No ones is.
So next time you make a post please make sure that is contributes to the discussion, because there is an awful amount of whitespace there when you post one line of childish, argumentative , bullshit that, honestly, no one really wants to see.

To reply to the post:

  1. Think for at least 5 minutes. (I know this might be hard but you can do it) about why you say “no”
  2. Start to type out a response.
  3. Delete it.
  4. Think for 10 minutes (harder still but this one will help)
  5. Go take a shit/remove the vibrator/get the stick out of you ass.
  6. Write up your response
  7. Hit that little “Post Quick Reply” button
  8. Profit because you know you contributed instead of being a twat waffle.

Back on topic, That is a cool way to implement the maintenance of high end weapons and it goes a long way in balancing out the fact that there is no reason not to shoot on sight in this game.
I really think the issue is not with the guns themselves but the fact that there is really nothing making a player think “Is it worth it to shoot him”. IMHO I think that shooting at fresh spawns should not be worth the ammo.
A combination of this plus increased ammo crafting requirements might do the trick, it might not. But I do believe that to fix the sos mentality and make this game more fun for casual/lone wolves the price for shooting someone needs to be greater.
Another thing I have hear is something along the lines of the characters you’ve killed ghosts following you around at night making some noises and getting in your way visually. That is a little over the top for me but interesting.

Are you retarded? did you see any one complain? I simply said i noticed a lot of people talking about this so i had a suggestion. Maybe you should go get laid and get out of your grandmas basement bro!

I think what hazik is saying could have been said better:

Do you realise what that would do?
So many people are complaining about making high end guns harder to use/maintain/obtain.

The fantastic thing about this game is that you can be fully geared in less than an hour:

Full Kev (220 metal frags ~30-40 metal ore)
M4 (375 metal frags ~ 60-80 metal ore)
Ammo (not a lot.)
So around about 100-120 metal ore for full gear.

Yet all I hear is, Add durability, make it harder to get geared. But it always seems to be the under-geared people suggesting it.

All that will happen is the gap between naked and geared will get larger and you will be at even more of a disadvantage when you get raided/killed.

Jeez, this is easy mode compared to War Z / Day Z in terms of loosing all your stuff and starting over.

Ive been on one of the largest servers since it first opened and the noobs just need to be informed. First thing first always replace your crappy wooden doors with a metal door asap and make sure your roof is not open on the top so people can jump through it. In addition, place extra pillars and foundations so that they cant build stairs next to your walls and easily blow with c4. That will fix half of peoples problems when being raided. When farming, next rule is to never carry more than what you need outside your house unless you are planning on transferring to a new place. Follow those rules and you may come up big in your server. Official US Central 3 (Stress Test) Ive had a 1 by 1 with metal doors and a roof by the hangar since the server first opened. Not a problem yet. Good luck.

Giving away your exact location and server may soon change your luck.

Lol. You would think they would have c4ed the place already being that there are 3 large boxes and a furnace all with nothing in them.

I understand that it dose take little time to be full geared and C4 ready.
Blast a few walls and just like that by the end of the day (If your lucky or have a team/friends) you have boxes of gear that when you log off and back on you get to refill up and do it all over.

Now stop me if I’m wrong but were is the survival part of this game? The hunger? The PVP?
If I can top gear that fast and build up after that to no longer have to worry about it and just stockpile, what is my goal? Build up a 30+ story 100+ door home so that only a server reset makes me start over?

Yes before it is said, it is alpha the game is still in the making, but if gear and guns stay this way it wont mater if I could build a heli pad with a glass pool we will be back right here with nothing to do but shoot people and re-spawn.

They have a “maintaining” in the works and I think its going to be great! Having to upkeep is going to add another level to this game. But just like Sleepers and Gun Sway there is no point in over stressing until after we test it out for a few. ( link to Trello )

I agree with everything you said here except for “The fantastic thing about this game is that you can be fully geared in less than an hour:” If you want to play a fps play bf4, its the best. Hit me up i’m I love playing in a squad.

Honestly I don’t want to play a fps after an hour of surviving to get full gear. I want to play a survival game with emergent gameplay and battlefield 4 with less guns, shittier graphics, admittedly with less network lag is NOT emergent.