"Maintenance Mode" in Rust

Dear Garry,

Congrats for your great game.


I would like to contribute with a simple idea that could help maintaining the servers, at the same time it helps stability and performance.

I play Eve Online for about 10 years, I got 12 chars there. In Eve Online, the server have about 30 minutes daily for maintenance. I guess the same principle could be used in Rust.

Many routines could be implemented during maintenance only. For instance, instead of over encumbering the server with decay checks for structures, it could be made once a day. Using a flag for the doors (used, not used - and time of last usage) to check the decay application.

Other routine that would benefit a lot, would be checking for “flying” structures or unstable structures. That would greatly help a more realistic ambience, as well as for getting rid of raided or partial structures.

And many other routines could go into the same principle.

This could be implemented as “possibility”, not an imposition. So, if the server owner prefers to keep the garbage and run 24 hours a day, it is his problem. But if he prefers a cleaner server, he would be able to implement also.

I’m pretty sure servers already do this as of right now. I know they run stability checks on structures after a restart. For example…

Build a 2X2 1 story base without any interior walls or pillars. Put a roof on it. The roof panels are at about 70% stability. Place a pillar in the middle of the room, check the roof panels again…still 70%. Restart the server, boom 95-99% :slight_smile:

The problem I have with random restarts (or I did in legacy anyway) was the fact that it removed sleepers. I don’t know if it does the same thing in the new branch, but if it does, it’s reason enough for me to avoid restarts.