Maintenance Ship Map Preview

Okay well I’ve been working on a map for a while, decided to finally make a post about it to get some criticism or what-not.

I will not upload it until I finish up a lot of things I’m planning on adding to it, and plus its too small right now, pretty much just hallways. Telling on how people like their maps on here it’s going to be a while maybe.

Just a few notes about it:
-Its going to be a build/machinima/posing/fun map for now, I do plan on making it a team vs team map on css/gmod.
-I don’t plan on making an exterior of the ship (where you can go outside and fly around the ship), although it could become a possibility (though it would be a HUGE map).
-What you see in the video is sorta just a layout, most parts are cheaply blocked off to prevent leaks for personal testing.


I’ll be posting updates and pictures of later versions to show if it improved or not.

Escape pods.

Also, something like this belongs in the map pimpage thread,

Hmm, never thought of escape pods, thanks for the idea.

And I thought map pimpage was for already been released maps needing to be recognized.

Add a decompressed area which has been breached by a meteor or something with zero gravity.

I’m not exactly sure how to make things 0 gravity or low gravity in an area (though I know its possible).

You should add a bridge, a storage room and a living quarters.
Those hallways are way to small. Widen them to the point were atleast to people can walk side by side.
Get some other textures than the standard ones, fpsbanana and have some okay sci-fi textures (or you can make some your self).

It reminds me a lot of the part near the beginning of System Shock 2 with all the hallways everywhere.

Don’t mind the people saying to put it in the map pimpage thread. It’s just people trying to assert some nonsensical authority.

To all of you who keep telling people to put it in the pimpage thread: It’s to the OP’s discretion whether or not he wants to put it in the pimpage thread, so stop suggesting it every time someone creates a new thread.

What skybox is that outside the windows?

It’s some space skybox I found in garrysmod:
Best one I can find so far, if anyone finds a better one (that’s free for use) please link me.

The lighting is really bland. And what a shitty version of Deadmau5’ Strobe, no offense :v:

If you mean bland as in bad, I don’t think source is capable of doing better lighting than it already has, though if you mean lack of color and variety, its a maintenance place, the last thing on the designers mind would be to pretty up the place (though that’s not an excuse for me), but I really think it shouldn’t be all disco lights and strobe lights everywhere and stuff.

One of the best things in source is its lighting. You aren’t doing it right. Give it some blues and slight tints of yellow. I mean honestly you shouldn’t see pure white lights, even in space. That is what makes them bland in the first place.

Try switching some of the lights from white to red. The red makes it seem less quiet and empty, isolated like a maintenance ship.

Pure coloured lights are ugly. Try to tone down the colour to a mixture of white and for example yellow

Maintenance areas usually have fluorescent bulbs, so a slight orange will do along with outdated bulbs. If a lot newer, perhaps try blue lighting with newer fluorescents.

It looks like it’s lagging, but that may just be my connection. Also, add some decals and such, and add doorframes. Not really much to comment on at the moment, it’s just kind of meh.