Major (Bug)! Hammer Not repairing

Srry guys not working? Hammer will not repair high ex. Stone walls or Wood ex. havnit tested other things as metal or indoor structures or outside repair woork with hammer!

i used the report F7 key too! ty
----> feed back please! any one having issues with this???


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i think its just the walls is bugged, i test on frames and floors seems ok b ut , have to be centered on middle or so?

I’m experiencing the same issue. Hopefully a hot fix will be issued shortly. The new animations are great, but useless if it doesn’t do its job.

Facepunch, we need a hot fix for this before the weekend!!! Please!

Not all of us can live on the servers to keep this stuff repaired. My buddy (who is already BS about the dramatic reduction in HP for the wall) has a wall that is at 98 and he can’t repair it … he has to go to work!

I second this. This is a very serious bug, guys. I hope you’re making it a top priority.

This should be a top priority really. As soon as its down to 250 health, one C4 and it’s gone!

Just a fun fact, they mentioned on the twitter account that they have a fix in for the bug with high external walls…now we just need to wait for it to be released :slight_smile:

OK ty

I still hasn’t been fixed … 22 wall segments gone. Deteriorated into NOTHING.

All I have is a gate standing there.

Very disheartening.

Treveri, a fix was already pushed for this, are you on an official server as these should have been updated, if not, then the server you are playing on may need updating.

Thank you Homzy, I am playing on a community server.