Major Decay bug

Hey im currently watching my base decay, its loosing 1 hp every 3 minutes even tho im inside it opening doors. How is this happening? Is my base too big? Its about 11 floors high and 8 foundations wide

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I went around and repaired it all, but when i checked again 3 minutes later it already lost hp.

Woke up this morning and its still doing it :S

F1 type Decay.scale “0” (without quotes) to disable it untill there’s a fix, will make the raiding a bit harder, but atleast you wont be camping your own base just to repair it =)

Do i have to be an admin for this to work? im on an official server…

Good for him :slight_smile:

funny… But no seriously, this is an issue simply because we put so much time into it

Yea, I feel ya dude… hours and hours into building and then melting away in front of your eyes, glad I’m not in your shoes.

Have you tried replacing some cupboards perhaps?(Not even sure if that’s involved in the decay process though)

Yeah we’ve replaced every cupboard, put them in new places. Still nothing.

If you can place a new foundation against an already existing one without it rapid decaying, then you could perhaps let some foundations decay, and replace them with new ones. This way you might be able to safe some of your house.
If you are on a week cycle server you might also just wanna sit it out,
and if you have active admins, you could ask them for some resources to correct the error.

It’s London - Staging so only the Devs are admins, so yeah it’d be goodluck to try and get their attention. Being on staging i expect the bugs, but the fact it isn’t happening to anyone else is just confusing… and the wipe cycle is usually monthly

You attempted to open doors connected to the base, correct? AFAIK That resets the decay process.

Yes, we have multiple doors connected to them and we have opened them all and shut them, even added more doors to open and close

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Please someone help :frowning:

The devs could be testing decay rates

But why is it only our base. We have other smaller bases around the area that arnt decaying. Is it to prevent big buildings? if thats the case why hasnt it be mentioned

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please dont let this die

Are they locked doors?

Yes they’re codelocked doors. We heard about 7 foundations decay in our honeycomb so our base IS dying…

Yes you need to be an admin to set the no decay command. I did it on my server for now, just because everyone puts their hours into crafting hammers and gathering wood/stone to repair those f…ing walls. So talk with the other players and see if you can get the serverowner to set decay to false aswell.

As i said, Garry’s the server owner because its an official server. We’re hoping to catch any of the developers soon because we’re having honeycomb decay

So a small update. After hearing more foundations break inside the honeycomb (around 7) the bug seems to have stopped (TOUCH WOOD). Would love if any developer reads this and are able to come and fix inside the honeycomb (long shot but worth it)