Major gmod problem (no hud,dropdowns,hints or crosshair

Can anyone pleeeaaseee help me with there huge problems

  1. I have no hud or crosshair
  2. dropdowns in spawn menu dont work
  3. hints don’t appear although sound is played
  4. writing at menu is surrounded by black

I’ve tried re-installing, updating, cleaning files. I even un-installed my anti-virus.
To help anyone fix this problem my graphics card is an Intel 4 series express chipset running on my Toshiba sattilite l300 laptop

I also got the warning that the video card wasn’t registered with steam when I first started the game.
If video cards need to be updated please tell me how

can anyone help me? this is very frustrating! Rozza

You need a better graphics card or computer most likely, this used to happen to me on my old computer.


Oh, also try downloading drivers for your graphics card.