Major issue with stability

My 100 slot server which is running at 90+ players most of the time has just started having major building issues. All of a sudden nothing will place, it just crumbles…

I’ve tried restarts which work for about 2 minutes. The only thing that stops this is turning off stability but if I do that then we get skybridges…

Any ideas?

How about pillars, do any of them use it?

Yes I’m talking literally everything falls apart even for me… instantly now, cannot place a thing

I saw this happening on an official server the day before a wipe. Players were also spawning high above the ground and falling to their deaths. Somebody mentioned it in chat. I told him he must have went to heaven. Anyway, I would guess the obscene number of houses, entity count, etc was doing it but idk. I could place by spamming and it would eventually work but it wasn’t worth it.

We had the same on our server - You reached maximum entities, we had to wipe. ;]

I stuck with it and the small patch later that day fixed it… still haven’t wiped and we have 90-100 players most nights. One of the devs told me entity count shouldn’t really be an issue.