Major issues with GMod caused by not being up to date.

Well recently the server I help to manage and configure properly (Sunrise - A new era) was hit by a exploit fixed in the latest Source engine update( TF2 /DOD:S / L4D for those of you that don’t understand look at the change log on STEAM). Specifically my server hit by “Fixed an exploit that allowed files to be uploaded to the server at arbitrary locations in the file system”.

This could all be avoided and never happen again if Garry merges GMod with the latest code for the OB engine. I posted this on the bug tracker but Garry never seems to notice anything on it so I posted it here to.
( This is a major security issue that should be fixed ASAP.

tl;dr = Security issue with Source that was fixed but not fixed in GMod because Garry needs to merge GMod with these changes.

List of servers that have shutdown untill Garry fixes this:
Pirate Ship Wars Enhanced.
Sunrise - A New Era.
All space Spaceage servers are now private. (4)
||VM|| Vent Mob [Semi-Serious]
||VM|| Vent Mob [Experiment]
||VM|| Vent Mob [Open Beta]
Winservars ( 5 ) (6)
Some random server…
Hyperabola (2)
Sassilization (6)
GMod World (10)
Total servers so far: 41
Join our effort and try and make Garry do something about this! Shutdown your server and post the name of it here to show support.

Q. Okay why would I close my server down for this?
A. Well it would help us get Garry to do something and if you have a private gamemode or lua script ect… then it can currently be stolen fairly easily and someone can damage the operating system on your server to a point where the server will not boot anymore. Main reason to do it is safety of your server and its players.

What does it do?


like whats worry some

I agree, this is a major problem that can have a major impact on all custom gamemode owners. Due paying for GMod, garry should merge with this ASAP.

@ Person above this post.

People can upload lua viruses to your server, obtain your RCON, and steal your gamemode.

Sort of like having FTP access to the servers files I guess… So if someone did it to GMod tower they could get the gamemode.

if that happen then all hell with go with it O.o and garry will have to deal it or risk no more gmod sells >.>

It just happened to Sunrise but I deleted the gamemode from the server before the hacker could get it.

What do you mean… Garry’s Mod derives from the orangebox engine right? All updates applied on the OB engine are also applied on GMod afaik.

Nope, even tough Garry’s Mod uses orange box content and such, it still has it’s own dlls and configurations.

That is for mods but for full games they use there own version of it. Garry needs to manually do this however it should be fixed in the GMod beta client as it is a sourcemod.

Ninja’d :frowning:

Well people are learning how to exploit this, 2 people seperate people tried to do it to sunrise last night, more people are learning it, the more it needs to be fixed.

The exploit was part of the source engine, not the dlls. The patch is currently working on gmod aswell, because garry doesn’t ship his own version of the engine.

Every full game has it’s own DLLs for the Source engine. Mods automatically get updated GMod does not.
Both TF2 and GMod in theory use the OB engine however TF2 is way more up to date.

See that? Now lets take a look at TF2…

Lets throw some L4D in there for the fun of it.

It was an exploit with cracked clients and sourcemod. If you aren’t running sourcemod or being a cheap bastard, you won’t have any problems.

well one he a not a cheap bastard and two your wrong any server can be attack right now even gmodtower…

-Snip- Misread the post - :stuck_out_tongue:

It works on every server. I personally tested it.

NoXiousnet just bit the dust:

I would guess the guy that hacked them banned himself to get the blame off him, or banned someone else to put them blame on them.

Or a NoX admin banned them.


Oh shit GMT

lol , nox’s banlist got cleared… it used to have over 150 players on it