Major lagg, laptop overheats while playing rust

It’s ONLY on this game, i can run other games such as league of legends, age of emipres 3 all on full settings, but even with rust on the lowest settings i still seem to have alot of lagg and my computer had reached 90 degrees celcius a couple times while playing.

It’s a 4 year old Hp pavilion dv6.


Ram: 3gb
Display adapter: Amd M880G with ATI mobility Radeon HD 4250
Processor: AMD Turion II p520 Dual-Core 2.3ghz.

That game was released in 2005…

Rust is very unoptimized , try grass.on false & make sure you are in full screen using Alt+Enter

If that doens’t help you are going to have invest in a new PC.

TL;DR Your pc is shit

i dont get how people pc can get almost destroyed by this game. I can play rust with fantastic without any lagg on my 3 year old gaming pc. Jeez. but grass.on false is the only thing i know what you can do.

In-game hit F1, put in grass.on false

In Steam, right click Rust, go to Properties, then hit Launch Options, paste this in; -force-d3d11 -force-feature-level-9-1 -force-feature-level-9-2 -force-feature-level-9-3 -nolog then click ok.

This should help boost your performance in-game. However as a side effect, there is a glitch with the skybox so seeing the sky will be hindered. It will reduce the quality of in-game models & effects greatly but also provide a large boost in frame rate.

As for overheating, make sure your laptop fans are running at max (some motherboards have an app that will tell you heat, fan speed, etc). Make sure the fan slots are clear of dust, and aren’t covered up by anything.