Major map glitch, please help

OK, i’ve been working on a map for like a day, theres not much to it yet, but whenever i try to test it, when i stray far enough from the info_player_start (in any direction) it crashes. No warning, no error. Nothing. It just closes…

It’s compiled fine, the problem finder feature in hammer can’t find anything and i really don’t know what’s wrong.

Any help is much appreciated.

Has it got lots of low lightmap scales? Do you have any power 4 displacements?

Yer it does.

I’ll make it power 3 and try it, although i’ve made maps with lots of power 4 displacements before and they’ve worked fine.


I’ve tried it and iw works!

Thankyou metallics, and thanks for responding so quickly.

No problem, the OB engine seems to have issues with certain power 4 displacements and their interaction with player collision hulls.


but we don’t know exactly why.

The same detail can be easily attained by two power 3 displacements however, so no massive loss. Unless you need a lot of displacements, then you might near the limit. When I’m back on my desktop in a week or so I may do some tests on power 4 displacements.

Terrenteller and I tried a veriety of things, but got nothign concrete. it seems more likely to occur on displacements made on non-square faces, or heavily manipulated displacements, however it can occur on a perfectly flat square power of 4 displacement too. And some heavily manipulated non-square displacemetns are fine.

What exactly is “it”

It doesn’t actually have to do with the power of the displacement. It has to do with the density of the vertex in the displacement. That’s why it’s hard to reproduce.

The game crashing unexpectedly when a player touches a power 4 displacement.


Makes sense.

Generic Memory could not be Read error.