Major multiplayer network issue?

As of a few days ago (7th or 8th), I am having a major issue with trying to play multiplayer games on GMod. I have not had this issue beforehand.

I spent one day mostly downloading and trying out addons (I already had a handful of addons installed), afterward, with them still installed, I tried early in the day to play prop hunt; ended up with 800 some ping. So I left and several hours later tried to rejoin prop hunt, only to join and have it saying “the server crashed” when it clearly has not. The server in question I tried to play at first was Potatogaming’s 24/7 PropHunt. After that I uninstalled the addons I had downloaded in the day and still had the same issue. I have disabled all the addons I still have and still getting this issue.

Since getting this issue I have resorted to joining the one server I can get the most results out of; [TTT] JCraft - Vanilla.

How I can best describe the issue is that it will sometimes join the server, the other half of the time it will give the timed out box. When I join the server it seems normal at first, until I try to move, then I freeze like I’m lagging when I’m clearly not. Players stop moving as well. The only things I can do is hear them talk through voice chat and move my mouse around. Voice chat is the only thing uninterrupted network wise. Trying to type in chat leads to a massive delay of about a minute. The delay goes for the same in game; I try to move and everything freezes, but I can still hear them. Some of their chat messages will not be labeled from a player, but the Console. Give or take a minute and then it might fix itself, only to try to move again and massive rubberbanding on my end. Also leads to massive delays for rounds, as it would still show “Round Over” when the game actually started another round.

Using net_graph 3 during the mp match shows that my packet loss fluctuates between 1 and 8 (maybe teens?), same goes for packet choke, about 1 to 4.

My usual ping in the middle of the day can range from 50 to 250 ms, in the night its usually lower about 50 - 100 ms. My FPS is also not a factor (at least I believe) as I run smooth enough, about 30-80, depending on the map.

I can provide screenshots if needed. However I have it (possibly) narrowed down to the game itself for being the issue. My internet is not throttling my connection as I am able to play on a non-steam game online just fine, and tried switching to a complete different network to no avail either. I have reinstalled the game and tried to restart my PC many times. And tried to look around and not finding many answers. Tried fiddling with some console commands but I haven’t got much of a clue what to do other than net_graph 3.

Any reason why I’m having this issue?


My Skype was also having issues, but after fiddling with the firewall on it, it seems I no longer have problems for either GMod or Skype.