The new patch, enabled mouse acceleration… if you know anything about pc fps games, you know only noobs use mouse acceleration. Why would you guys force mouse accel… this is ridiculous. Any cmds to turn this off?

no it didn’t, all it did was change the mouse multiplier for sensitivity

Just lower your sensitivity exactly 1.0 from what it is in your config file and it’ll be to what you had it before

Also do you know what mouse acceleration is?

And if garry reads this @garry it’d be best to add direct input or if direct input is not possible then raw input - this way you keep the mouse less involved with the game itself and make it more resistant to inconsistencies during framerate changes in ms

go dl that and use it to turn mouse accelerate off in windows, windows likes to acually turn it on during full screen/games.

Don’t install this or anything else that deletes files from your registry regarding your mouse, games do not magically turn on mouse accel, certain engines have in-game mouse filtering but the effect wears off when the game is closed.

All that happened was the sensitivity multiplier changed (probably in relation to the sensitivity/sway) so all you need to do is lower your sensitivity ONE FULL VALUE from what it is currently and it will be EXACTLY the same as it was before, you can do this in your config the command is input.mousespeed

Don’t do it via console as it may not save, config is a sure way it will save

Simply turning off ‘enhanced pointer precision’ in windows is enough, deleting it from the registry is not a good idea.

If you still have accel after the fact, you’re simply using a mouse with a flawed sensor (which is dozens of them) there are a select few optical sensors with perfect sensors but there’s no point in getting into that unless you’re a competitive fps players. The point is, the patch didn’t enable any form of acceleration so don’t post any false information regarding that

You clearly do not know what you’re talking about. The fix does not delete any registry files whatsoever.

From the patch notes:

That’s why it’s forced on. Stop whining that you don’t have next to no weapon sway on the bolt rifle anymore.