major problem ruining many of my SWEPs

hello there my name is Murph, this is my first post here on the forums and its because i have a major problem with all weapon sweps i download.

with every weapon swep i download, whenever i fire a weapon a error message pops out of the shell ejection along with the shell. most recently some guns have exhibited another error message falling out the front of the gun when fired. the oddest part of it is that up untill a month or two ago, all of my SWEPs were working fine.

At first i thought that a malicious virus was at work, but a virus scan tunred up nothign but cookies, as did all subsequent scans.

next i thought there might be a problem with my computer reading the .lua files that controlled the effects which seem to be afflicted, in this case they seem to be .muzzleflash and .shelleject. so i downloaded notepad++ and set it as the program my computer will use by defualt to open and read .lua files. again, no dice

finally on an educated guess i thought maybe a directory error may have occured, something that may have thrown off how each file interacts with each other, that may be causeing this. so i downloaded a few different programs which are designed to scan for problems, then turn around and ask for your credit card number before they fix them. although i had doubts about there validity they did find directory problems with some SWEPs but not others, even while both ehxibit the same glitch.

well after removing and installing all of them completly i now turn to you fine people at facepunch to help. please, any advice or possible answers will be appreciated, thank you all in advance for responding.

A Virus scan would not detect a lua virus, Virus scans just look for known binaries that can affect the computer as a whole, not viruses made for one game in an interpreted language.
Also have you rescently uninstalled a source game? like CounterStrike:Source or so on?

thank you for the reply for starters, and to answer your question: no i have not. to my knowledge no changes have been made to my steam account or computer, literaly one day all of my SWEPs were working fine, and the next they were degrading at an alarming rate. i say degrading because of the onset of some guns haveing even more .lua based effects malfunctioning. thats why i orginally assumed a virus was at work.

if so, would you know of a way i could at least check and at best uproot a virus effecting my Garrysmod?

You could delete garrys mod folder, start garrys mod to let it remake the folder, then reinstall the addons you wish, I am afraid I do not download sweps too much so I do not know if this is likely to be something an update broke.

thanks, ill try that one out and hopefully it will work.

thank you for all your help.

It sounds like garrysmod is no longer reading CS:S (or some other common game) properly and therefore pieces that it has made dependant are no longer working. best thing to do is to recycle garrysmod (rename the garrysmod folder then play garrysmod)

i don’t have CS:S but i do have Day of Defeat.

I have recently deleted all addons and reinstalled some of my kermits and after lookinf through the console the only problem it seems to be having is with the “immolate” effect. according to the console the “type field” is empty, but since im not a programmer im not sure what this means. as far as the not working part of the game, can’t i simply turn them off in extensions?

As I said, you need to delete the whole garrys mod folder, not just the addons to properly reset gmod

you have some corrupted core files (files that came with the game) and it will only be fixed by doing as we said above

alright alright i will delete garrys mod’s folder. now just to be sure, this is the one found in steam apps under my username so steam/steamapps/murph757/garrysmod. correct?

once thats confirmed i will go ahead and do it.

No the Garrysmod folder in side the first Garrysmod folder.
Like: steam/steamapps/murph757/garrysmod/garrysmod

alright, will do. thank you to all the posters who helped out, ill post an update on the matter and i pray to GOD that it works because Bmod is becoming dull with this glitch.


so just followed the file path posted by heaveyguy, and deleted the second folder. after starting up garrysmod, im greeted by a nice new background of a man surrounded by a flock of falcons. then i see there are no addons installed. so far so good. but, when i try to put my addons back into the addon folder there us a problem, in the fact that there is no longer an addon folder. it simply says “bin” where it used to be.


alright. made a new Addon folder by simply creating a folder and naming it that. put my Kermite shotgun pack in there to test it. same. fucking. problem. i fire the weapon, shell pops out and then its friend the ERROR message follows. i deleted the second garrysmod folder, so everything is stock except for the kermit pack. i even turned off the extensions from other games. i don’t know if the replies pertained to it but ill say it again. i think it is the “Immolate” effect, after reading it, apparantly it activates after the shell or casing is ejected, which would match up with the current glitch. the “type field” is empty is what is wrong with it. if reinstalling the second garrysmod folder was the answer to that problem then im just repeating myself but i wanted to throw that out on the table again. if you have anymore suggestions i will try ANYTHING to get this thing working.

well that just simply means that kermite’s pack and your computer don’t get along. get rid of kermite’s pack FOREVER and you should be good

That happens to me too, but i think you need a certain game to see what actually pops out. The error message is telling you you are missing something.

no no, this applies to EVERY SWEP. not just kermites. Madcows, the tactical weapon pack, all of them. i have even tried it without the other ones, for example: no addons but tacitcal weapon pack, same glitch. no addons except for Madcows, same glitch.

and as to the post directly above me, im not sure im missing anything, as i said before the shell clearly comes out of the gun, its not just the damned error message popping out but the gun as well. i know that alot of SWEPs probably use counter-strike mechanics and guns for them to work, while just reskining and restating them. so hopefully when i download CSS sometime this week, it will go away.

One of these again, you don’t actually own css do you?

tell me what the error message is saying is wrong and I’ll go see about making a patch then