Major Problem With FastDL!!

Hey guys, my other owner has been messing with the FastDL and for some reason its completely broken now! Worked at one point but now its completely screwed. Ive been searching for about 3 days now and can seem to find one that works. The first one i tried is the FastDL Xenon Servers ( my hoster ) provides, doesnt work. Doing it through Google, doesnt work. Ive tried countless ways to do it but doesnt work. I need the following this to be able to download when the client joins the server again/for the first time.

  1. Download current played map if the client doesnt have it.
  2. Download custom sounds ive added to the server**.

Those are my main focus right now. If there is any REAL WORKING guide i would be glad to take a look. But can please someone help me :(. ANY help will be extremely appreciated!!!

EDIT: Spelled something wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Write a support ticket to Xenon servers? I’m sure they will be able to fix this problem of yours better than we can. :v:

My co-owner changed it for security reasons. Currently dont have it but im speaking to him RIGHT as im typing :slight_smile: Thats why that option wasnt a choice before. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is FastDL enabled?

What’s the sv_downloadurl convar set to?

Are the files on the FastDL?

Do the files try to download every time?

Does every file have its own progress on the bar or is it a collective progress?

  1. Yes
  3. Yes, had to make a .lua with resource.AddFile
  4. No
  5. No
  1. That’s not a FastDL URL. Port 21 is appended to the IP address which means it’s trying to connect to the FTP server via the HTTP protocol. Find the public URL for FastDL.
  2. That wasn’t a yes or no really

Do the files download once and then never again?

The port is 27015. Thats actually what my port is :stuck_out_tongue:

And no they dont download at all :frowning: sadly even checked my downloads on my actual Garrys Mod game, to check and see if it was actually working and it wasnt

Btw thanks for helping me :slight_smile:

EDIT: I made a ticket on Xenon Servers. Thanks for helping tho :slight_smile: REALLY appreciate it :). But can i ask how will i make it so the client downloads the current played map? I can seem to find anything to cover that specific topic. Once again i thank you :slight_smile: