Major problems since update 102

Hello, I’ve been experiencing some strange and annoying problems since the release of update 102, but have only just discovered it is not due to anything on my part. I have virus scanned my entire PC, removed and reinstalled addons one at a time, verified the game cache multiple times and completely reinstalled Garry’s Mod, but the problems persist.

The problems are:

  • Instant crash upon loading any map other than the default ones.
  • Crash as soon as something proccesor intensive occurs.
  • Problems with the browse menu.

Strangely, this does NOT apply to Gm_flatgrass, as I can do pretty much anything that would instantly crash on any other maps. I have succesfuly run Garyy’s Mod without major incidents for many years, but only since update 102 has it begun to cause problems. Every time it crashes, the error message is exactly the same. I cannot access the error effectively, as the gaem seems to lock up and refuse to tab out. I will continue trying to get the exact text.

Try GMod SVN/Subversion version , It might have it fixed?

Whats the Gmod SVN? Never heard of anything like that before.

It is the SVN used to update Gmod. It usually gets the updates before they go out to steam.

Oh boy, another error. It just popped up after a defragmentation of the game files. This time whenever I launch Garry’s Mod it crashes and gives me an engine error stating “NO STEAM APPS!”

Tried restarting steam? or your PC ?

Alright, a couple of reboots fixed that one, but the original one persists.