Major problems with recent update

We run a server, and here’s what happening

  1. People’s FPS went to hell even with everything turned down.
  2. I spawned in the air, with an air crate… when it landed I couldn’t open it.
  3. Can’t build anything other than a foundation. Lots of “Failed !isinarea” for anything else
  4. Animals can’t move
  5. Can’t shoot guns

While I appreciate all the work Garry and his team do… does anyone actually test their changes before pushing them to the trunk? I’ve been writing software for 15 years and when you have a community of people “testing” in Alpha… you at least log in to a server and test things before you push it to production.

I can’t even get past the “respawn” button, crash’s instantly when I press respawn after joining a server.

Very broken update…

I like the devblog VERY much, but the FacePunch Washington server right now has fps issues, lots of invisible buildings/players, stuck animals, gun problems, etc.

Oh, is it Friday night then? That will explain it…

Every Friday night for the last 4 weeks they have f@5ked up Rust for 2 days, then fixed it on a Sunday. It has become a regular event now…

Seriously, what’s with bringing down the game EVERY FRIDAY, for the weekend!?

I’m seriously starting to think that the whole FACEPUNCH team go down the pub on a Friday night, get shit-faced, then go back to the office for a bit of coding and to push an update! Why else would it be every Friday night?

Okay… rant over…

I have the same problem. Guys, next time test your dev before update. Now we cant play.

You mean, you want garry to alpha test his alpha before releasing it to the public to test?

Did you forget what Early Access means?

“Alright guys and girls lets just throw a bunch of shit code together and force-update thousands of player’s to an update that we haven’t even actually tried.”

^ Your logic. Cynicalism and sarcasm, the only thing your able to produce I guess.

No, but it would be sure nice if they could just launch the game via the client to see if it fucked up.

Come on, even if it is alpha you can spend 10 minutes on test before update. Its not much.

I understand this is an Early Access game and I do expect things like this to happen. It would just be nice to be given the option to downgrade a version if things like this happen. While I know that isn’t the point of alpha testing, it makes it easier for those who simply want to play able to do so and the people who are actively trying to seek out the bugs and whatnot the same ability as they’d like.

There have been some posts this past week from people suggesting that the dev team spend some time testing. The response from the community has been “thats what alpha is”, “why would the developers test when they have the community to do that”, etc… This is the reason. This release is one of the worst ones functionally, in a great while. People don’t agree that they should spend time testing in development. A weekly iteration is not a good idea, when its broken for several days, imo.

Sorry elixwhitetail, I know you are always the first to remind anyone complaining that the game is in alpha, but I still don’t believe that’s an excuse for not trying out your own code to see if it runs, before pushing it to the trunk.

Expecially right before the weekend, when you have already disappointed your audience by bringing the game down like this for the last 4 weekends in a row…

I would be nice if at least one weekend per month, we actually got to play…

So maybe it’d be nice if garry moved the main-branch-push release dates and monthly devblogs to, say, Tuesday instead of right before the weekend, then?

Would that make everyone happy? That way, if shit like this continues happening, there’s more opportunity for a timely dev response without spoiling everyone’s chances of playing Rust on the weekend.

Note: I can’t actually speak on behalf of the devs, I’m just proposing an alternate solution that doesn’t require forcing garry to change how he runs his dev team and build release cycle – because I don’t think that’d be received well unless you really hit the bull’s eye and gave garry a better way that works with his existing developers’ work styles. Please do not assume that me saying this obliges garry to do it. Again, it’s just a suggestion.

Please stop Elix, you are just embarrassing yourself. All you got is reminding people this is alpha… whats it like playing that broken record? People have every right to question why this was not tested prior to shoving it into action.

These were known about before this hit the Main branch, Building has been messed up in the last few Dev branch updates, the next update building parts are place-able but have no textures you can see through them but they are solid(server build 801 with corresponding client build).

did not think they would push these updates to the main branch.

While I didn’t agree with Elix’s first post in this situation, it seems that Elix was simply suggesting an idea as to how the Facepunch could possibly prevent this from happening again in a way that would still please us in his second post - I don’t see anything wrong in that.

However, I believe a better solution would just be if the Facepunch devs did a quick test to see if the game looks functional enough to deploy, and if so, they release these updates in their own time instead of having to meet a specific deadline and release updates that completely break the game.

Same problem with textures. Happy of new update >> angry of new bugs, lost players etc.
Friday is not lucky day for Rust.

It has nothing to do with how he runs anything, it’s pure and simple laziness.

I don’t even understand what we got here?! I read the dev blog… they changed the grass? I’d rather have the old grass, and the option to be able to actually play this weekend.

I don’t know how they do it, most other game devs that try update their game every week eventually lose their minds and come to the conclusion its counter productive and stressful to try get stuff done(and tested) in that short of a time frame.

They should drop back to two weeks and release updates early in the week so by the time the weekend has arrived and people are itching to play rust… atleast some bugs have been hotfixed out.

  • they need to rename Rust back to “Rust Experimental” in till its at least reached Rust Legacys benchmark.