Major Screen Glitch {URGENT}

basically my screen spreads and dupes all over the place :s

My Screenshots

Thats not a glitch, you just broke with your code something.

Does it go away if you restart?

nope it happens in single player also

thats not your gmod, thats a problem with the map you are using. Either the map is broken or it uses a skybox from counter strike or something and you don’t have it mounted

This is missing skybox texture.

im using rp_townsend_remix

but also this happened on other maps like rp_downtown_v4c_v2

You are missing CS:S skybox textures.

how do i get it? i have css downloaded

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the owner of the map said ‘Lyzz: i dont used css’

As far as I know rp_downtown_v4c_v2 uses cs_militia skybox. Whatever textures it uses, you don’t have them and that’s why you get that bug.

but i do have css :S

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look -

Have you launched CSS recently?

its probably not mounted for whatever reason, boot the game up then exit and gmod should detect its presence and mount it