Major Suggestions For Rust!

Hey all, these are just major suggestions that will be great for Rust and make it better in many ways!

  • Add more servers to Rust to prevent servers getting packed and causing lag spikes
  • Let people make there own servers by buying a server off a host and letting them create them onto rust, making there be a lot more servers
  • Add Vehicles and roads to the game, making it so much more fun and an easier way to travel
  • Vehicle parts spread around the map, in crates etc, making it harder to drive the vehicles
  • Make a larger map if you developers accept the vehicles implementation
  • Add other sorts of sickness to make it harder to survive
  • Implement Thirst into the game, so water has a more realistic use other then it feeding you
  • Add other biomes in the map, maybe a snow biome or a desert making it harder to survive and making you more aware of where you are ans what you have to do
  • Implement Twitch with Rust, so we can livestream in game
  • Improve the graphics (I know you have probably heard this alot, but even streamers in their streams say they would love for you to improve the graphics a bit
  • Make the video settings able to go to a really low setting, lowering the detail and animations of everything so we dont need really good PC’s to play and enjoy the game without lag
  • Add more guns into the game, such as Sniper Rifles more SMG’S etc
  • Add more zombies, wolfs and bears into the game, because atm there isnt much of them and when they are found they are easily killed.
  • Make bears or wolfs a little stronger and faster because right now they are really easy to kill
  • Add pets such as a Guard Dog, who defends you and helps you detect nearby threats such as animals, zombies or bandits.
  • Add towns and cities into the game making there be more of an objective travel in the game, also making it way more fun!
  • Add maps into the games that can be found in crates or anywhere else in the map, so we can see where to go and what town to go to (Make it hard to find maps)
  • When the game is complete and not under development, add it to Xbox One or both consoles when you are ready to sell again

These dont need to be accepted, but these are just really cool suggestions that can make the game better and more popular in many ways, please think about it.

  1. Cars already have been tested in the game.
  2. there is a larger map that they are working on atm it’s about 4x the size of the current map.
  3. Zombies are actually going to be removed from the game and replaced with a new hostile mob.
  4. The console thing is a waste.
  5. Sicknesses are a failing idea in every game that’s implemented them so far.
  • Add more guns into the game, such as Sniper Rifles more SMG’S etc


sorry if you disagree with the ideas, just trying to help out with cool ideas

Most of these are planned, discussed, or are even already available.

I think adding thirst would require more dev time to add streams rivers etc. As of now theres only the coast which would require everyone to be near it rendering the rest of the map literally unplayable unless they did add water assets. I would also like to spend more time doing cool things rather than clicking on a water jug just for the principle.

Vehicles would be amazing. I personally think there are two schools here and its difficult to balance and appease. There are those who want a survival sim, and others who want a shooter with survival elements. I vote for a mixture without neurotic micromanagement of survival elements and without diluting into run n gun gameplay.

It’s good to have some ideas thrown around. Vehicles are a good idea but would be difficult to pull off in a way that makes sense, i’d like extremely home made looking vehicles that resemble carts and with large fuel burners on the back that you place gunpowder or something inside.

I was also thinking about something such as horses that you can fire certain weapons from.

You can already find bottled water in the game and some foods already have “thirst points” built in. I’m pretty sure thirst is already a planned concept.

As far as thirst goes, digging a well would be a neat addon to base structures :smiley:

And as for the whole “we need kewl trukz to ride around in naked with our rocks” I…don’t think this game necessarily needs them, I’d like for long-distance trips to actually take a couple days in game. Not only would it cut down on random doochbag-banditry, but also will hopefully sector off the map into communities who learn to live together, and also become xenophobic when some new kid on the block starts playing in their sandbox.

I can appreciate that. It would be cool to in some way differentiate members of different “clans”. Perhaps clothing dyes, hoist a flag outside the village/township. I think withholding features to foster a tighter knit community is a good thing.

I’m getting a feeling either you haven’t played the game yet, or haven’t played for very long. People are already running private servers. There are already cars in the game that server admins can use. There is already an smg and an assault rifle. Some models do need to be fine tuned, but the landscape and sun/moon effects are pretty damn good. And god no, dont put it on console. The douche-baggery would increase 100-fold if console gamers jumped in.

At first sight, i would pretty agree with the idea of new sicknesses.
But i’m curious to know the reason why you said that.
Could you precise your point ?

You really don’t know what this game is focused around do ya?