Major Texure Problem

I’m getting huge texture tears like a rave party, taking a screen shot won’t show them, so I’m assuming its a graphics driver issue? I have the latest updated version, and tried the beta ones also.

Its making it unplayable, Textures are streching across the screen and artifacts everywhere.

Sapphire Radeon 7870 HD


like this?

Very much so

and you just felt like creating another thread for the same issue?

umm… look at the time this post was made compared to the other one. this one came first. all it takes is a little bit of research or just common sense man…

This issue has been reappearing/surfacing now and again. I had it for a day a week ago and then it was gone. Now with the Steam release it is back and worse than ever. It seems that this is for almost everyone with an AMD card.

You are looking at the time the last person posted not the time the thread was made. The other one was made 2 hours ago this one 40 mins ago.

For people having problems with AMD gpu’s you might want to post in the thread I’ve listed below.

Seems AMD gpu’s are having some issues right now.