Majority ofplayer models I download don't work.

As the title says, I click on my player model, and I turn into Kleiner. This only happens with the player models I download, all default ones work fine. The most recent player pack I’ve tested is this one:

And none of them ended up working. Any help’s appreciated, Thanks.

Perhaps the download intended you to have another download from in order to support some of the files in the pack, either that or you just didn’t put it in the correct Garry’s Mod 10 directory folders. If you are sure it isn’t those two then perhaps you have something in your Garry’s Mod 10 directory already that is either blocking overwriting or ignoring the pack or parts of the pack making the animations not for you. If this is the case good luck finding it, it’s a huge maze in the Garry’s Mod 10 directory especially for people who have downloaded lots of stuff for their Garry’s Mod 10. Try looking for any other player model packs you got that might be either accidentally connecting with it or breaking both all together. But remember if all else fails you can always reinstall and then just get the packs you are sure are safe over again one by one.