majour RUST BUG exposed

I used to be able to switch from Risty to RUST no problems at all, but since the Aug 13th update now everyb 3 times i switch rust stop responding and I have to restart, Now I run a server “AUS/NZ|INST|10X|UBERLOOT|VIP|WIPE 15/08|Base TP” and it reguraly have 30+ people on it at night and I cant afford (when admin) to have the game crash every say 3 sminutes, also when i log in EVERYTIME it kicks me instantly to thre server list and then I gotta join again, also it has randomly gone into windowed mode on its own!!!

Do you usually play in windowed mode? If not, try that.

No I have never played in a window

Then maybe you should. Most of the starting/joining bugs magically dissappear when you play windowed.

The wierd part is when I go back in game and it crashes is in windowed mode

That’s not weird at all, I know a ton of things that can go wrong when restoring all the opengl/directx settings that can cause stuff like this. I recommend playing in windowed mode or switching to windowed mode (using alt+enter), pressing enter or T to open the chat and then use your cursor to move the window to a far side of your screen so you can access rusty. Or maybe, if you’re a server admin, you go and buy a second monitor like everyone else.

  1. Right click on rust in steam.
  2. Click on properties.
  3. Under the general tab click Set Launch Options
  4. Add this -popupwindow

It will start the game in full screen window without the border

Window mode works but using rusty is a bit cumbersome

I recommend bringing your problem to the sub forums instead of general discussion.