Makarov and soldiers

That guy on the left is gonna hurt himself - you need to twist the shoulders in a rifle stance much more, and the left hip should be pointed towards the target. Look at some reference pictures.

Also, jpeg quality seems pretty low.

And red camo is dumb.

Red Tiger :hurr:

But yeah it is kinda dumb and posing looks off.

Looks cool, I don’t like the angle on Marakov’s face

I was expecting to see a Russian-Justice league sorta pose lol

I’m dissapointed.

They look like they are about to whoop some ass. Nice job.

No, red camo is fucking awesome, the soldiers are like “OMGIDON’TCAREABOUTCAMOUFLAGEILIKERED”.

And thát is cool.

Mosquito eat mah chocwoawowooawowaoowowoawoaowoawate.

Wrong, Russian urban camouflage you get it as one of your schemes in MW2

Yeah, it’s all urban style.

I really like it. The visual effects are good and not way overdone. Overall, nice job. :buddy:

That Russian camo they use in MW2 is actually quite effective in MW2. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the russians actually use it.
actually i’ll check that now


they don’t

Yeah i know you can get it, that’s why i said it dipshit.

The posing looks pretty good. I can’t see if makarovs index finger is on the trigger though.

The editing and posing are flawless.