Make 3D2D face player

Hello everyone,

So, I’m facing a problem here. I am working with 3D2D and wanted to make it face the player, however since the rotation is along the object’s origin, it doesn’t look right. I was wondering if someone has tinkered with this before, or if there’s a way to get the object’s midpoint, or maybe move the origin somewhere else.
Thanks in advance

Just use LocalPlayer()'s -yaw in the cams angle.

My issue isn’t getting the panel to face the player (I already did that)
My issue is that it’s not rotating along the center, but along it’s left edge

I might have a possible fix for you. Can’t be sure until you show the code though. Can you do that?

You could have the center of the 2D things you draw be at (0, 0) rather than starting at (0, 0).

How did that never cross my mind… May be due to the fact that I’m used to drawing hud elements and not 3D2D. Thanks for answering my question