Make a anti cheat please!

I am tired of all the no clipping hackers its soo annoying I had to restart 4 times in one day! I am getting very aggravated with this I understand the game is still in alpha but seriously?! focus on making an anti cheat instead of a map jesus Garry do something this game sucks right now it would be soooooo much better with no hackers

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers thread" - postal))

If Valve Anti Cheat is compatible with Rust on steam i’m sure they will eventually add it.

Could add something like FairFight along with VAC and/or other 3rd party protection that people can’t simply bypass.

Thread title: “Will Rust ever use VAC?”

garry’s words: "Yeah, when we’re on Steam"

Yes, according to their issue tracker VAC will be added and is a priority: