Make a barnacle npc that can swallow players?

Hi, Is it possible for someone to make a barnacle npc that can swallow players as well as other npcs?

Your obviously not that bright. There already is one, that yes, swallows you and npcs. It’s under the zombies and aliens tab but can only be spawned on cielings.

Did I just read this? are you that dumb? seriously?

The barnacle NPC already does this

No, I think he means one where it actually swallows you. The currant one just bites you until you die I think.

Well, when the player dies you could just use

and hook that to player death maybe?

yes, but will barnacles swallow props/ragdolls?

They swallow metropolice, because they turn into ragdoll if they get entangled, but i’m thinking if you cause it so it creates a ragdoll on player death, then it will create the type of ragdoll a barnacle would throw away, I don’t know a way of fixing it.

Metropolice are just an example, they swallow much more.

ok, there is an addon on that turns your body into a ragdoll on death that might work, i’ll try it and see what happens. another way it could work is if i could find the barnacle’s script and edit that. where are the npc scripts?

They’re coded in C, you’re not going to be able to edit them.


That’s why you create an identical lua version one.
Zoey made a lua version the hl2 weapons, even though they are C++.
You just gotta be a very elite scripter and have yourself create an snpc that acts like a barnacle.
Anyways I don’t know, maybe coding an snpc like that it too hard, I mean sweps are VERY different.
Not for the 141.

It is hard, because you’ve got to animate two diferent entities, the Barnacle Body, and the Tongue itself. It’s going to be friggin hard to do something like that.

It could be worth the effort though, I hate the way the barnacles currently work and think it’s worth a download

i am good at scripting, but where do you get the barnacle actions? i could make an snpc of a barnacle, I’ve learned a lot from the source sdk model viewer about the coding of a barnacle. if i could find the correct actions, i could make it.


oh, and HeavyMtl123, the barnacle’s toungue is actually rope, (constraint kind) just with a different texture.