Make a certain team have a overlay.

I want a certain team to wear this visor.


(not for darkrp.)

Just put an

if LocalPlayer():Team == TEAM_WHATEVER then

around the code inside the HUDPaint or wherever it’s drawing.

I dont know HUDPaint I know [lua]if LocalPlayer():Team == TEAM_WHATEVER then[/lua] But I need the rest.


Need help

Clearly you dont want to learn lua or even try and code this your self so post this in requests

If you use Kiwi (pretty sure you do) change lines 59 to 64 in player_hooks.lua to look like this.

if ply:IsCombine() then
        ply:SetNWInt( "Frequency", 3333 )
        ply:GiveItem( "radio", 1 )
        RunConsoleCommand("pp_mat_overlay", "1" );
        RunConsoleCommand("pp_mat_overlay_texture", "effects/METROID_overlay.vmt");

My hero :smiley:

Horrible. Just horrible…

Use a RenderScreenspaceEffects hook and this

Also we don’t give a shit if it’s for DarkRP, at least you’re doing something original. Better than the people who come in here going “lol how i make swat teem for adminz onli”

Don’t ever use that for rendering an overlay on the screen.