Make A clan sub forum

I think facepunch should have a Clan sub forum so people can post their clans, and recruitments their… Just like with the servers?

As “Clans/Teams” play a big role in this game, I couldn’t agree more :>

Agreed on this - starting to see more recruitment threads than general Rust threads now.

And “Dis iz mai 1337 fanpageforummadewithfuckedupfreeforumsoftware” Subforum
Or just call it “Rust Fanprojects”

Needed badly, good call.

Second this notion

mainly because Recruitment posts are being abused for Server Ads.



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Hey guys! me and my friends are making a new Rust series about clan wars, and how good the game is for roleplaying, if u are interested in seeing just click on this link hope u enjoy!

Yes this would be a good idea.