Make a client download a file on every single connect?

Hey guys, is there any way to make the client download a file each time they connect to my server, even if they already have it? (This is so I can update the file on my side, and not have to rename it so they get it).

AFAIK, they do. It doesn’t check file name, it checks if they (the files themselves ) are different/missing

This is exactly why I made the lua questions megathread, just for these one liners…

I don’t see the point of making a thread for such a question either, but oh well…

I already knew that people were going to do this. It’s just like the Megathread for Job Hiring because people still made threads for job requests and they got banned because they didn’t read the sticky.

Updating files is impossible, you’ll have to rename them, hex them, whatever, if you want to force it.