Make a Derma Serverside?

Hey everyone, Ive made a derma for my Server, but Whenever my friends click B, The button i have bind for them, the menu dosent open. But it opens for me because well, Its in my single player addons. Is there anyway I can make this Serverside?

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Should I add this to the bottom of the Derma file?

[lua] usermessage.Hook( “vc_start”, vc_sound )[/lua]

Derma cannot be run serverside, as it would display the content to all players at once. Firstly, you need to make sure that the players download the derma script. You can do this using **[IncludeClientFile](**. You could also add a **[PlayerBindPress](** hook in your clientside derma script to show the menu when the players press a key.

For the bind Press, would a bind command in the cfg/autoexec.cfg work just the same?

Yep should do, any command bound to a key should get picked up by the hook.

You need to install the file on your server, and then AddCSLuaFile the lua file.