Make a few changes/fixes to DarkRP please

For one, fix the problem where dropped weapons get automatically picked up when you come within 10 or so feet of them. It’s fucking annoying.
Also add a typing indicator over people’s heads.

I know, I need to learn Lua, but these should be quick, simple things that someone could do for me in the time being.


Oh, and also make it so when you’re demoted from gun dealer you don’t lose your shipments.


And make it so you can destroy other people’s destructable props (eg. wood) but can only move your own.

Thanks for the help guys…

There’s console cmds for all this

Ohh… Really?

Yes… Really?

Yay :smiley:

Stupid noob, you want help or not?

Well what is the console command for the shipment thing?

rp_removeclassitems 0