Make a fitting screenshot for the post above

Here is a little thread idea I had in mind, and here is how it’ll work:

  1. The first poster (me) will post a URL (MUST be a song, music or even a game’s/film’s/series’ OST).
  2. The user below will post a screenshot (Garry’s Mod only) that they think fits best with the above URL.
  3. That same user must then post a URL (just like the first poster) in the same post, below the screenshot.

So, I’ll start off with this.

This is a really cool idea. If I could (currently on a laptop that doesn’t even handle gmod very well), I would definitely contribute

Thanks for the positive feedback, Simkas. :wink:

Note: If you have an old screenshot that still fits with the scene, feel free to use it.

Great idea!

i would be interested to see what anyone comes up with.

Uhh, they emerged from the void.

Fuck yes, I love Doctor Who and its brilliant soundtrack. But it lacks John Simm in series 8. ;(