Make a Forum Category for S&box key applications

Allows people to showcase there work in 1 single place that people can comment on, makes it easy to judge worthy people rather than reading someone’s life story’s in the discord without any photo evidence because they can’t post images.

  • You should get 1 chance every x months to post this kind of thread.
  • Stops clogging the discord
  • Brings people into the forum
  • Auto Delete thread after x weeks.
  • Have a forum account age requirement to stop multi attempts.
  • You can open the category and close it at any time. To let batches of people in as you please whilst being 1 click away from seeing their forum-post-based portfolio showcase.

Just a thought :doughnut:

good idea

Meh. Nobody wants to go through portfolios, especially when they don’t have a huge need to bring in new people at the moment. At best it’d just be a place to direct people, but that’s not going to stop them from coming into the discord and asking about keys. I also just highly doubt any new method of key distribution to come in the future will require a human to manually parse portfolios, it’s just a waste of FP’s dev time to do so.

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True, I’m mainly just tired of the dailey " key pls, access when? " discord people :dizzy_face:

but this will be of no help with that, people will still do it in the discord since thats the quickest and easiest way for them to ask.
the only people who will post in that category will be rust players accidently posting something in the wrong category saying they got banned.

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