Make a map with some paper

I would like to suggest an idea for the paper in Rust for the final version.
The idea is to be able to make a card(map) with 100, 200, 300 or X papers and skills. This card(map) would be store in the house and lockable by a code or a key.
Every player of the house could annotate his discoveries.
I think that it can have an interest as cards(maps) will be random(unpredictable).
Is this possible?
Thank you.
Excuse my poor spoken English.:slight_smile:

Why. Seems a waste of time to me. It isnt very hard to navigate the world of rust using the sun and moon and watching your surroundings. Leave a trail of bread crums if you find it too difficult

Bread crumbs being things like triangle foundation plans. Placing foundations appear as markers. No map required.

Triangle foundations lead other people to you as well.

Number of reasons why this is a good idea:
A. it doesn’t have to be used, and people that don’t use it gain a natural skill based advantage. Those that do use it may risk revealing places they’ve been if they die and someone gets their partially completed map.
B.creating a simple map with paper and charcoal makes sense, add a simple functionality like custom placement of an x and you open the game up to dynamic game play. (lots of possibilities here)
C. It encourages and helps track exploration. Meaning more players will travel.
D. It doesn’t hurt existing gameplay in anyway. Copying maps would be similar to copying keys. Keep the maps simple and don’t include a current location marker and you have a useful tool with a risky trade off…

People will find your location regardless of the item you place on the ground. It is up to you to keep track of your location.

If a mapping feature is added:

I would not add a real time marker where you are at all times

It is initially a blank piece of paper. You can only draw items on it with charcoal. It doesn’t make the map for you.

Making maps is already part of gameplay - it’s called a pen and scratch paper next to your keyboard. That’s how we did it in the old days.

I had 5 people on my freshly wiped Experimental server last night. WE just picked the most unique looking mountain top to navigate to each other. We all met up within 15mins.

What were some of the communication strategies you used to achieve that

Ventrilo for 3 of us and chat.

Using this mountain that we dubbed Crown Mountain.

Guys you can Discuss it in every thread but this an feature that should be in even if most of you guys dont Use it

Holy shit the amount of “Why? There exists a much more obtuse, difficult way to navigate!” arguments here are astounding.

Last time I spawned in Rust I didn’t see a cartographer following me around. If you want a map, feel free to draw one up yourself, but expecting the game to do that for you seems like asking for a crutch.

We’re all used to instamaps in most games. I find it refreshing that Rust doesn’t rely on that.

ist already on the Features list on trello:

Thats what i told them :smiley:

Map and Compass are long overdue

Compass is pointless but a map would be useful.

Lazy gamers. Just sad really

You in no way at all see a single use for a compass?

Not really, with the static sun rise/set and the moss on rocks already serving that point. The moon follows the same path as the sun.

The map at least has potential to add versatility to its usability if done right.

in both cases its a bit like upgrading a weopon. yeah you can run around with a rock all day, but there are benefits to a tool that is more effective than what you have inbuilt. doesnt mean you have to waste resources on something you won’t use. same deal with guns, just because you can make a thompson and a shotgun doesn’t mean you need either.

compass would be more accurate regarding true north, and usable when the sun is either too high, or at night. craftable would make sense, same with lootable. map would give you visual cues of your surroundings if you forget, and be usable by other players maybe? craftable and lootable too.

neither one is needed, but they would be useful in their own way, and i don’t really see “we have moss that does that” as a reason not to implement them.