Make A Mappu For ReDead

Hello y’all. I have a gamemode that is in desperate need of good maps so I am here to beg and plead for people to help make maps for it.

How To Map For This Gamemode:

Since ReDead has its own ingame map customizing system, any map can be configured even if it doesn’t have spawn points compiled into it. If you want to place spawns in hammer, these are their names:

info_player_army - Human player spawn. Try to have more than 10 on your map.
info_player_zombie - Zombie player spawn. Try to have more than 10 on your map.
info_evac - The spawn point for the evac chopper flare. Place it in an open area which has skybox above it. Try to have at least 3 of these on your map.
info_npcspawn - The spawn point for NPC zombies. Try to have 10 or more on your map, and keep them in the same general area.
info_lootspawn - The spawn point for randomly generated items such as ammo, gasoline, guns, health kits, and most importantly, the antidote. Make sure these are all reachable by players or your map will not work. As a rule of thumb, you should try to have these in every room and area on your map to keep it replayable.
point_radiation - A point entity which gives nearby players radiation poisoning and plays geiger noises if they’re near. Generally you don’t need to place these on your map but if you want to make your map particularly hard or discourage players from going to a certain place then put this there. It also has a “radius” keyvalue so you can choose how far it can reach.

Make sure your map has at least a few wooden props on it as well. Wooden props will drop wood chunks for players who break them. If you place any props that have the same model as items that can be interacted with, they will be deleted by the gamemode script. So you can’t make big stockpiles of ammo and other shit.

Try to use a dark nighttime-ish skybox and have multiple places on your map with exposed skybox since players cannot have items airdropped indoors.

My NPCs can break through func_door, func_breakable_surf, func_breakable and prop_door_rotating entities. This might cause area portals to fuck up if you are using them with these entities.

The map prefix for ReDead is rd_ if you want your map to be ~officially~ for ReDead.

How to configure a map for ReDead without using hammer:

  1. Start a local game of ReDead on the map.
  2. Type ‘sv_redead_dev_mode’ in your console.
  3. Place all the props and entities using the tools you are given.
  4. When you’re happy with your setup, type ‘sv_redead_save_map_config’ in console.
  5. You’re done. The configuration file is in your garrysmod/data folder now.

Configure a Nav Mesh for your map:

Useful Nav Mesh Editor Tool

How Nav Meshes Work

Nav Meshes are important! Make sure you disconnect nodes that cannot be reached by walking or else the NPCs will get stuck often. Try not to make any areas that players can jump to where zombies cannot walk or else players will camp these spots. My NPCs cannot jump like players can.


I have a functional but ugly map that i made for testing purposes. It has all the entities placed so if you want to see how the spawns are placed, have a look at this. If you want to help complete the map and make it look nice, then feel free to.

redead used to be my favourite gamemode, i’m glad it’s getting popular again. i might convert one of my mod’s maps to be redead-compatible, it’d be fun

The best part is that any map works with ReDead now that gmod has the NextBot base (the same shit that CS:S bots and L4D bots use). The main issue is that NextBots can’t actually intelligently climb objects like players would (although maybe functionality will be added at a later time).

If anyone here has made a roleplay map or any sort of city map, odds are it won’t take much work to make it ReDead compatible.

I think I’ll try and work on this map since I’m almost done with my shopping mall collab submission. Only played ReDead once on Gmod 12, but I think I get the gist of the gamemode

Gamemode seems decent, maybe I’ll make a few maps.

Oh yeah, I remember ReDead. Real tempted to make a map now. Which game do you recommend to use in Hammer? Ep2? CSS?

The gamemode uses CS:S content so any combination of HL2+CS:S works fine. Most people don’t seem to have EP2/EP1 installed so it’s best not to use those.