Make a npc walk faster?

Is it possible to make a certain npc walk faster? Mapping or editing files… ?
Is it possible also to make the npcs sit and jump?

There is a list of values here:

which are console commands to change entity values (look for the commands prefixed sk_)
I don’t think speed is one of them however.

You can make NPCs jumpdown like this:

For sitting, take a look at the trainstation example I believ is provided with the sdk, if not, decompile the first HL2 levels and have a look. I should imagine it uses either a scripted_squence or an ai_scripted_sequence. Take a look on the vdc.

Making npcs sit and jump I think I can do with animations still I’m not good at it.
Making npc walk faster I think It’s impossible… :frowning:

But thank for your help.