Make a SEnt emit collision sounds?

I want my SEnt to behave exactly like a prop_physics in every sense, only so that I can hook into it (mainly when it collides/hits things). Everything works fine except something that’s rather important for my cause, and that’s collision sounds. For instance, when it falls over or you throw it against a wall.

You’d think I could do it myself, except for the fact that I want this to emulate a prop_physics in that a mapper can place them in maps and set their model. I could fake it if I took the time to compile a list of models and their respective sounds (which would take a good deal of time and patience), or even better tie into Valve’s own way of handling that, but I don’t know how or if I even can.

As always, help is much appreciated.

I’d take a look at this: **[ENT.PhysicsCollide](**

Thank you, but I was already planning on using this for faking it, but that’s a lot of trouble to sort the sounds and models. I’m looking for a better way if there is one.

Well I’m not sure what you’re looking for. PhysicsCollide allows you to emit sounds whenever the box hits something or something hit it. If you just want to use what’s basically a prop physics, then just make a prop_physics and use it as your SENT.

Yea, except that the model isn’t going to be a set one. It will be set to any model you want through Hammer. You expect an air canister to make a metal impact sound on collision, same with a box and wood sound.

I’m simply wondering if there’s a way to get which sound would normally play if it were just a prop, instead of me filling out a list of models with the corresponding sounds it should play.

Just make a table for each physical property a prop could be then get the physical property of the ent and play designated sound? Just a thought.