Make a seperate server for french.

Because you know, they are so awesome and deserve it.

What about chinese, japanese, russian, american, cuban, danish, and what the fuck not too, while we are at it? :slight_smile:

This is just like what most games do with Brazilians, they shove them onto their own server so the other people can play without annoyances. Support.

i agree the french and also german should have their own server because they cant speak english and kill you when you are trying o talk to them

Do you know that all friendly people kill french when they heard them talk ?

We have to let you go away if when it’s us you kill us ?

Yeah the EU server shows how well us Europeans get on with each other

Please do I’m annoyed with french fags, screaming shity songs in the mic

I think there is american

I for one am surprised the french even know how to handle weapons… oh wait this is a video game not real life.

fun fact: france actually has the best military record out of any country, the reputation only comes from ww2

Im Brazilian dude. Indeed i think may be are many annoying Brazilian players out there, since many are childish players. I like to play alone and improve my self-taught english, so, what are exactly the problems you guys see in Brazilian players?

Well, really, it’s been kind of downhill since Waterloo, but WW2 specifically deserves mention of La Résistance, who played key roles even if France, officially, threw its weapons down and reached for clouds.

if you think france should get one,then why not just make one for all other 200 country’s…

Fun fact: Not true at all. The last time the french won a war on their own was the french revolution; and that is because they where fighting the french.
Algeria revolution: LOST
WW1: Tied and on the way too losing, they would of lost if not for the brits and americans.
The Franco-Prussian War: Lost.
The Napoleonic Wars: Lost.
French revolution: Won becuse they where fighting the french