Make a server from my own computer

hello, i would like to know the requirements to make a s&box server, like what kind of CPU do i need to use, and how much network debit i need, cause i would like to build my own server, and i need to know if its worth, i don’t want to pay a rent for a dedicated server anymore.

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To early to tell. It’s still being worked on and server requirements have not been mentioned. We need to wait more.

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it’s all up to your gamemode you want to open and players if you want to open with sandbox and 2 players pentium run just fine

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Both you and OP do know that the whole idea of a single custom server is not how s&box is going to work, right?

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i want to create a big sandbox server, and yes its probably too early to know that, thanks anyway

You’re not making a single server like gmod. In s&box you make a gamemode that will run on multiple servers similar to Roblox. I don’t know how facepunch is handling server hosting because as of now there are no dedicated servers. I also don’t know how the concept of personal server hosting will work out in practice if that’s what they decide on doing.

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There’s going to be dedicated servers there’s just not much known right now

The part I’m confused about is who is going to host them. Facepunch? A third party? Anyone with a computer?

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They better have software for anyone to host.

If you can read English, here’s a guide I found on Steam. Steam Community :: Guide :: How to host a Garry's Mod Server(SteamCMD). I don’t know any references in Japanese. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I hope this helps.

You would think facepunch to cut out third-party hosting companys from the price pool.

Unless you are keeping the server small a basic gaming computer could host a server, But if you are planning on making a gamemode that you want to grow then you should pay.

Not only does it risk your personal life being invaded, but realize how much value you are getting when you pay for server hosting, The DDos protection alone is so much weight off your shoulders. Any half decent hosting company is worth the money. Especially if they have a team dedicated to making sure your stuff stays up. You can choose where in the world you want to host without being in the country? That’s choice.

Hackers are always out there, Especially now that the S&box community will also have veterans coming from GMOD. I have seen a few profitable Roblox servers become abandoned because of hackers, and thats just a bunch of kids,

pay the devil his due :cactus:

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Most servers only require a tiny fraction of what the client game requires because it is mostly networking, math, etc… Directing traffic, verifying data, calculating physics, etc…

Also because the game is supposed to support as much or as little as your computer can handle, you could require next to nothing to almost the best. I really hope the game isn’t constrained just to provide an answer to this questions…

It also depends on some of the calls made - for instance, if new architect functions are used, then you’ll need to have support for that and emulated support is possible but typically really slow vs hardware support - so I’d wait until the game is further along to find out what certain gamemodes with x players and x entities, etc… uses to figure out what works best for you.

I did use SteamCMD to see if a dedicated server existed for it yet - but it just downloads the base game.