Make a skin of me

I want to use it to make a music video. The video will get popular and you will be mentioned in the credits

While you’re predicting the future, what are tomorrows lottery numbers?

Its going up on a rap website so im pretty sure its going to be popular…


I make good music plus the video is going to be funny. Plus its not only just going up on one rap site its going up on sites like,,,,etc. Plus the guy im collabing with on the song has thousands of fans that would watch the video. But you guys dont worry about the popularity of the video, worry about the question being asked.

If you want it to actually look like you, it would probably require a custom model of the face and some extra hacking for the hat and the partially visible jacket. And considering the amount of requests that get ignored novadays, I wouldn’t recommend you to be too excited. Unless you want to use $$$ as a sort of a carrot.

Ok thanks man thats all i wanted to know