Make a whole addon admin only?

How would I go about making an addon admin only? Do I have to make each individual prop/entity/weapon admin only?

Just put this inside your function if you want to restrict it to admins only.

if ply:IsAdmin() then

He means the whole addon can only be used by admins, Assuming he is including things such as spawning them and using them.

Putting this in SpawnFunction() will do just what I said.

So would I have to do that for every entity or do I put it in a certain lua file?

Actually use just what the guy said if it’s meant not to even spawn for non-admin players.
If you want to just disable certain functionality then use my code, otherwise:

ENT.AdminSpawnable = true
SWEP.AdminSpawnable = true

But do I have to do this for every entity in the addon or is there another way to do it?

Yes, Put it in the shared file of ever entity you wan to make admin on :stuck_out_tongue: