Make a wind (with particles)

Hello world,

I try to make a Pneumatic Diversity Vent. But I have a question about how make particles for the wind ?

Can you help me ?
I don’t have any idea !

Thank a lot for all answer :smiley:

You could put this in the Newbie questions of course.
As for particles I have no idea.

There is a particle editor in every orangebox source based game.

You can create/load/edit particles there.

I would recommend a lua particle for this, its probably gonna get too far your level of lua though

Particle editor with OB is very good for making specific good looking effects quickly, but bad at sending them to clients (they have to restart their game before the effect will load!)

The lua particles are very good for making passable effects fairly quickly and sending them to clients, but bad at making something that looks really high quality (at least quickly, you can make good effects with a lot of time and effort though)

Ok but do you have an example or tuto which are simple for this, please ?

Thanks you.

[Sure, here you go]( box particle editor tutorial)

You don’t understand me >:3

I would like to make particles in lua X) Just in lua.
But I don’t know how make it :slight_smile:

Can you help me please ?

Thank you.


Thank you :smiley: