Make admin commands visible in chat

Like if he types teleport or give command, everyone on server could see how much he spawns and what he spawns, this would expose any admin that is trying secretly give himself something…

Why you wonder? It’s simple… admin can do whatever he wants, but what about players, they should know if they’re raped by cheating kevlar army, and then they would have an easy choice of joining another server or staying there and be raped by them. Another side of the coin is that you can see that server is being legit and no rule breakings.

And all thanks to exposing used admin commands in chat. (no exposing of coordinates though)

That’s the point.
They pay, they rule.

Stop bitching about it.


We know what you mean you little dumb rater.
It will not going to happen. Learn to understand that.

The admin payed for those privileges. Said admin can use them how they see fit. If you don’t like it, pay for the same privileges.

This whole “admin abuse” and “admins shouldn’t give themselves stuff if they are gonna play too” thing has finally gotten to me. The reason for this “abuse” is because said admins aren’t “professional admins” like in an MMORPG, they are people like you or I. Its a natural thing to get power and use it initially without though to how it effects other people. You can deny it all you want, if YOU had access to admin commands, you’d probably mess around for a while before getting bored.

There are literally thousands of servers. If an admin on one is cheating items in, go pick another. It’s not the end of the world.

Are you blind fools? i said expose admin commands in chat, not disabling them!! this is advantage for players so they can see if admin is abusing hes powers. here is a good example for you slow headed turds.

Example: Server’s name is Ubercool NoobFriendly Server(No admin abuse).

But this server’s admin spawns himself and hes 9 other friends full kevlar set, all weapons and blueprints, lots of airdrops, then go sweeping every single person elsewhere till they ragequit.

I’ll be damned if somebody still did not understand my point.

With my suggestion player would see in Chat:

Rick James: Hello
Admin: Spawned 10 kevlar vests
Admin: Spawned 10 m4 (and so on)
Rick James: hey what the fuck, i thought there is no admin abusing the balance ITS CLEARLY WRITTEN ON SERVER NO ADMIN ABUSE.

It’s not that we don’t understand your point - it’s that A) nobody cares if the admin is “abusing” privileges that they paid for, and B) if you suspect that an admin is cheating items into the game it’s literally as simple as clicking disconnect and finding a new server.

Play on official servers and you don’t have to worry about it.

Oh my god… how old are you people? How come it is 2014 and people get only more retarded?

I don’t give a damn if admin abuses or not, the point is AGAIN, that you should see if he abuses it or not! Because maybe i am looking for a good server and i don’t fucking wanna waste my time playing there if after a few hours i’d get raped by fucking admin! I’d disconnect from server right away if i’d see exposed admin used commands in chat, which would hint me something fishy!

Let’s compare:

Official Servers: overfilled, almost no chance to find stuff (exept trees), somebody will kill you within minutes/hours, a lot of cheaters could appear

Community servers: Admin abusing their rights

Can’t decide…

Then ask around for a good server to play on.

And i like to play on modded servers, so its a no no to official ones, theyve got too many players anyway…

As and admin I’d totally be down for this.


In order to demonstrate that I don’t abuse my admin powers, much like attckdog, I have no issue with this.

However, the minute a feature like that is released on the system, I guarantee there will be a mod developed to turn it off again, making it a largely pointless waste of time/resources.

Admins who dont cheat wont ever show up, admins that do will install a mod that makes it look like they dont, the devs and the modders will have wasted time on a thing, and the whole situation it was developed to combat will still exist.

Your idea/request is stupid. The reason being that those tools are there for the admins to use in administrating their server.
As an admin trying to track cheaters I do not want players I suspect know I am teleporting to them, which if your idea was implemented it would show the command teleporting to player “asdf”. Or if i am spawning invisible armor which would give them time to turn off their hacks.
What they should have is all console commands going to a designated server log file for the owner to see so he may properly know what the admins are doing.

I actually agree with the OP - mostly because this kind of function is in most games in which the players host the servers - but I do not believe you should approach FacePunch about this. This should be something independent to the server mods.

In other words - if a server is running RUST++, then the RUST++ mod should control what admin messages are sent out. It’s the same as it is for a majority of Counter Strike Source (old call back here) servers.

However, even those mods should have the ability to turn them on and off. You see, it is as everyone says - they’re paying for the server, they should have the control. Eventually, more mature server communities will come along and want those kinds of features for the exact reason you do - to prevent admin abuse. It’s inevitable.

Why do you care? do you PAY to play on the server? The admin paid for the server its their right to run it as they seem fit. If you dont like how the admin runs a server leave it or get your own.

This change would make sure that a server admin will never have to see a hacker again! Players claim someone is hacking, so you spawn in the invis gear and teleport to them only to find out they’re not hacking.

It’s about the game.

I get going on a server and learn that the admin(s) will spawn items, it waters down the experience.

Granted I don’t mind taking on an admin. If he can just re-spawn whatever he pleases, then my effective raid and the use of my hard farmed c4 and equipment, then seems fruitless. They aren’t set back, they aren’t really effected and then there isn’t a feeling of progression or accomplishment within the community on that particular server.

An admin isn’t there to lord game play. He’s there to regulate, promote, and support their server.

An admin turning on god mode during a fire fight, just so he doesn’t have to die? What excuse does any player really have to not spend the time farming for the resources to make an m4? Really, what are they doing in the map if that’s all the patience they can gather?

BE BETTER GAMERS. Don’t put it on easy.

well, you could probably filter that out, so that chat would not include admin spawning invisible gear, and not tell about admin teleporting to certain player… everything else would be visible?

good thinking fella!