Make admin system

So ULX is very bloated and seems to take up a lot of resources and also use a lot of things I don’t really use. I was wondering is it really worth it to code my own admin system with an API (Obviously for simple use of adding commands and other things) or should I just stick to ULX? Also, is the time that will be spent working on my own admin system be worth it?

That worth is up to you. I personally haven’t seen ULX “take up a lot of resources”, nor is having features you don’t use a bad thing. While ULX does have a very inconsistent and messy codebase, it serves the general purpose of achieving administrative tasks in a very familiar way. Note that I’m not saying this to discourage you, but rather keep in mind that your work will only be “worth it” if it can serve as a viable alternative to ULX, or fill a niche it does not currently. Now, as a personal project for you and your servers, I would say anything geared towards your content makeup will always be “worth it.”

Maestro is not too bad as well. Give that a try.

I love Chessnut’s Moderator. I have a forked version of my own here ( ) which should be up to date and working.