Make AdvDupes compatible with Save Games

I think we all hate it when someone puts a dupe in a map in Single Player and accidentally saves, thinking “Now that it’s duped, I can work on it and be able to move it, and not have to go online and deal with minges or the server crashing.”
This is especially true when making a Space Station. How everything has to be frozen.

Then when loading the save game, you get lua errors with all of your tools.

When is tad going to make AdvDupe compatible with Save Games? Or has someone already done it by now?

You could say “then build in the air”. When you don’t know how it’s going to look or how high it’s going to be, I tend to build on the ground to allow the props to snap together. Easier than using Easy Weld for everything, which sometimes misses it’s mark, even with Smartsnap.
Especially on those oddly-shaped SBEP props.