Make an entity composed of props

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I would like to create an entity composed of other entities, an example can be this:

This is a table with 4 “Wooden Chairs” vehicles, there is a method to make these five things one single entity?
Thank you!

There are two ways you can approach this: either make a wrapper SENT that is actually four props (the chairs) and a manager entity (the table) that holds them all together[del], or you can literally group them as one entity like L4D does with infection hordes[/del]. The first way is pretty self-explanatory – make five props in the entity’s Initialize and constrain them all in whichever way you see fit[del], but the second will require a bit of manipulation[/del].

[del]Essentially, you’ll want to init five physics meshes with

Entity:PhysicsInitMultiConvex for the table and four chairs. The model of the SENT will be the table to serve as the centre. Clientside, you’ll have to create four

ClientsideModels for the chairs and position them in the

ENT:Draw method based on the entity’s position and angles.[/del]

I just realised the second way won’t work since it wouldn’t support sitting in the chairs. You will have to use five separate models.

Thank you for the answer.
I have never approached with entities before, could you say me where I can found some explaination of this?

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I have just made the table, what should I do now?

function ENT:Initialize()
	local obj = self:GetPhysicsObject()
	if obj:IsValid() then

Create, set the model of, and spawn four more prop_physics in the Initialize method for the chairs. You can then position them around the table, then parent each one to the table.

Thank you!