Make another thread.

Here’s another thread! It is similar to another one but I want to make this quaint. STOP WITH THE FUCKING RANT THREADS. PLEASE. They are getting old, have the same out come and only end in hard feelings and pissed off people. That is all.

I wish I could bump for great justice,


Wait. What.

You do know this is a rant on rants right? So as you wanted great justice, you are convicted of conspiracy and ranting and will serve 10 years in a maximum-security Rimlanin shrine.

Oh shit! Better grab a rifle and get out of here.

Well, this is more of a thread with wisdom inside of it, Zambies is correct, people need to stop posting how Roleplaying sucks and how they are upset with a gamemode. Quit posting stupid shit, find a server you like, stick with it. End of story.